Our Branches


       Learning zone has established a chain of schools for quality education & personality development. 

The schools run by Learning Zone are working from pre-primary to secondary level. They are catering the needs of students in all respects. On one side, LZ is providing state of the art facilities to the children and the teachers in school, on the other side, LZ always strives for the maximum enrollment of out of school children to make society more literate. LZ believes on gender balance and female education is a primary objective of the organization. LZ has special essence of female education with the concept of “literate mothers”. For the purpose number of lectures and workshops are arranged by LZ for mothers. 

             Since 2001, LZ has opened 10 branches (14 Campuses) in Sialkot .  

Following are the branches. 

  • Iqbal branch (consists of 2 schools – girls and boys), Iqbal Town, Defence Road Sialkot. Ph:3254434 

  •                           Learning Zone Boys High school 

  •                           Learning Zone Girls High school 

  • Jinnah Branch, Shahab pura chownk, Near Saghir Welfare store Sialkot .ph:3252444 

  • Model Branch, Model Town, Ugoki, Sialkot . ph:3570001 

  • Khalid Branch, Haji Pura Road, Near Punjab College Sialkot . ph:3574574 

  • Babri Branch, Kotli Loharan, (East Campus & West Campus), Sialkot . ph:3533220 

  • Nasim Branch, Talwara Mughlaan, Kingra Road,  Sialkot . ph:4596626 

  • Munir Branch, Rung Pura, Chauri Ghali, Sialkot . ph:4568222 

  • Jasmine Branch, Pucca Garha, M. Boota Road, Sialkot . ph:4265670 

  • Mehdi Branch, Model Town, Tariq Road, Sialkot . ph:3553939