• Continuous assessment system up to class IV, trimester system from V to VII and annual system from VIII onwards (this system has given matchless result in last 6 consecutive years 912children of LZ were among Top 3 positions in the city)
  • Perhaps, the most trained staff in Sialkot as LZ gives a lot of emphasize on the training of its teachers.
  • Spoken English Culture
  • Excellent teacher-student ratio of 1-25 in average
  • Training of Qirat along with comprehension
  • Provision of age appropriate furniture to every class
  • Medical facilities for teachers and their dependents
  • Long term arrangements with teachers & management staff
  • Teachers as partners & share holders-consider as a champion of change

In schooling, we have developed a chain of schools in our district with 10 branches, 14 campuses. For the last 5 years, we are continuously getting a position in the city in board exams. In the last 10 board exams of class IX & X, 10 of our students are among top 3 positions. Punjab Education Foundation (PEF) has given us 57 Govt. primary schools as well. In the span of 3 years, strength of these schools has increased 4 times and passing ratio of class V has raised up to 95% from mere 25% of last year when these schools were in the custody of Govt. In Quality Assurance Test of PEF, we are at 2nd position among 12 chains of schools of the province.