In teacher’s training, we have conducted more than 1000 workshops in the last 17 years primarily for the teacher’s school leaders and secondarily for the parents and children. Throughout the year, different branches conduct trainings at different levels for different audience. In summer and winter holidays, every teacher has to attend rigorous trainings of about a fortnight duration conducted by head office. LZ was a partner organization of Punjab Education Foundation (PEF) for the training of teachers & school leaders for 9 years. Under this program, LZ conducted about 300 workshops for teacher and school leaders throughout the Punjab province.

   Trainers of LZ are highly professional. Most of our trainers are those seasoned teachers who performed brilliantly as a teacher and then they were given responsibility to train others. Due to this factor, their performance as a trainer is far ahead of others because they have first- hand experience. They know the level of children and at the same time, they know the subtle variables of the content matter. To give their skills a cutting edge, they are provided opportunities to attend higher level workshops conducted by renowned national and international trainers.

    LZ aims to provide the best training environment for its teachers and other stakeholders. LZ believes in the capacity building of teachers because we think teacher is “Champion of Change”. For this purpose LZ has developed professional training manuals for teacher's training. These training manuals address the needs to develop the skills of teachers in pedagogy and class room teaching.  

In 2005, LZ also entered into agreement with Punjab Education Foundation (PEF), Lahore for teacher's training. After keeping in view the sufficient resource and progress of the LZ in training component, PEF also invited LZ to enter into agreement for training of the head teachers and Principals of the private schools run by PEF all over the Punjab.

LZ also organizes teacher’s training workshop for other private/public sector schools, colleges and Universities at District/Division/Province level. LZ has conducted more than 1000 workshops to different institutions so far. The organization has trained about 20,000 teachers/trainees/students in these training workshops.

Another initiative of the LZ is training of the head teachers &/or principals in management of the schools. LZ has developed in-house resource for capacity building of school leaders. It has also engaged the services of well reputed trainers of province for the professional development of head teachers/Principals. The purpose of this initiative is to provide leadership and management skills to the head teachers in order to manage the affairs of the school. This includes the administration, operational management and financial management at school level. All the head teachers at schools run by LZ are benefited with this management training. LZ is also providing management training to the principals of public schools adopted through PSSP Program.


    Right now, LZ has adequate resource of professional trainers for training of the trainers. The resource is providing capacity building of the trainers with the help of training manual. LZ feels that these trainers must also be gone through some refresher courses and training in order to keep them update about advanced courses to enhance their teaching and management skills. For this LZ has made arrangements for training of these trainers from the well renowned training institutes of the country. At the same time, LZ provides equal opportunities to its trainers to go through training sessions organized by the other organizations


LZ has developed many training manuals for training of teachers. Some of the major components of the teacher’s training are described as under;
1.    Subject Based Teaching: (especially English, Science, Urdu and Maths): Some new dimensions are here, how to teach in an effective way.

2.    Montessori System: An old system of education but LZ teaches according to the demands of present.

3.    Learning Disabilities/Difficulties: (Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, hyperactivity, slow learning) – Learning Difficulties are the problems which many of our students (about 15% at sometime in their school life) face and teachers don't know the causes and remedies. They try every method in their armory but in-vain so every teacher especially the teachers of pre-primary should know about these.

4.    How children learn: Learn about the children’s learning.

5.    Motivating Students towards Studies: Some practical ways for teachers to help the students.

6.    Hyperactivity and Hyperactive Children:  The most difficult children to handle and  knows the cause and management.  

7.    Child Centered Teaching/Activity Oriented Teaching:  No-cost, low cost activities that can be used by any teacher anywhere in the world.

8.    Some Very Basic Methods of Teaching in a New Scientific Way: Reading Method, Copybook Method, and Dictation Method – Let's have a looks some scientific ways for these key methods of teaching that are used especially in the teaching of languages.

9.    Questioning Technique:  A teacher can increase 10% of marks of his class if he knows art of posing questions. Some special ways & means.

10.  Assessment Methods: (Quantitative & Qualitative Assessment) – If we come to know that marks & grades are a deceptive way to evaluate one's performance, then what?

11.    Behavioral Problems: Managing the problems - some new avenues.

12.    Slow Learners: Are they a reality or fiction?

13.    Bloom's Taxonomy:  Whole of the world follows it and what about our teachers?

14.    Conducive Learning Environment: Let's learn to make our class environment conducive for maximum learning.

15.    School Management: Become a leader, new and humanistic dimensions of efficient management.

16.    Child Psychology: Understand it and be capable of teaching them.

17.    Psychology of Adolescents:  Understand it and be capable of teaching them.

18.    Individual Differences:  Everyone accept these but how many comprehend the application in education.

19.    Lesson Planning:  A smart way to plan a lesson on a single page – a practical way.

20.    Teaching Languages:  New, scientifically proven efficient ways to teach languages.

21.    Personality Development:  What kind of role a school play in Pakistan.
22.    Creativity and its enhancement – Teachers can change the futures if they know how to enhance it.

23.    Multiple Intelligences, theory of Gardner:  A ray of hope for the teachers that open new horizons for students especially the weak ones.

24.    Gifted Students: They are the cream of the nation but are we seriously developing them for future leadership.

25.    Management of children with special needs in the class:  Mainstreaming/ Inclusive Education – what we know about the latest idea of world?

26.    Learning Theories:  knowledge and application of which will empower teachers to teach efficiently.

27.    Classroom Observation Strategies: Observation is a scientific tool that is used invariably by everyone, let's be scientist.

28.       Visual & Performing Arts in Education: These can be used to enhance the power of instruction.

29.       Selection of Books, recruiting teachers, developing leadership: Some tips.

30.       Communication & Presentation Skills: To be well verse in these areas is need of the day for a teacher of this era.

31.       Using Mind Power for better achievement: Mind power is being used now a days for many fields and education is one of them.

32.       Hypnotism for the improvement of studies: Hypnotism can be used in this respect as well, let’s learn how?

33.       Power Teaching:  One of the latest methods of teaching, it is activity oriented, children move, act, talk and learn.

34.       Laws and Principles of Learning: Here are some basic things about learning.

35.       Language of the Teacher: Some guidelines about the language of the teachers.

and still many others.


    Learning Zone has its own trainers. At the same time, it hires services of the best trainers around keeping in view of the requirements of the situation.
    Learning Zone has a staff of 657 teachers. Out of which 21 are regularly performing duties of trainers as well. They are the experts of their specific subject/s so conduct training in their specific domains. Six are all rounders & conduct training on a number of topics. Brief credentials of these trainers are hereunder;
    Abdul Shakoor:  Consultant Educationist & Psychologist, PhD scholar with degrees of M.Phil, ADCP, M.Ed, M.Sc Psych & MA Education, writer of 20 plus books on Education & Psychology, is a lead trainer who has conducted workshops throughout the country and delivered lectures at prestigious institutions like University of Punjab, NCHD, UNICEF, BRAC, PEF, The City School, Bloomfield Hall, ICMS, Army Public, etc. AFAQ, SUDHAR, BUNIYAD, SAHE are some of the NGOs that has hired his services. He has got many awards.
    Sumera Ehsan: She is a seasoned lead trainer who holds degrees of M.Phil, M.Ed & MA, writer of 6 books, has conducted countless workshops of the teachers & leaders of Punjab Education Foundation throughout the Punjab. Other institutions like LZ, Private School Association, Pakistan Science School, Allama Iqbal School, etc got benefited from her services. He has won 2 awards of KFC.
    Muhammad Shams Mohayddin: With degrees of M.Phil, MA, & B.Ed, he is well known throughout the province. He conducted countless workshops for FAS schools of PEF throughout the province. He is trainer of LZ who conducts training for other institutions like AFAQ. He has won an award of KFC.
    Kiran Shahzadi: An M.Phil Education who is an author as well is a brilliant lead trainer especially on preprimary and primary level. Currently she is MD of LZ, a very busy personality but she manages time to share her knowledge with others as she has a lot of passion and energy. She has conducted countless workshops for LZ as well as other institutions.
    Atish Robin: He is an expert of English language with degrees of MA-English & B.Ed. For a decade, he is conducting workshops for Learning Zone in different areas of Punjab. He has conducted number of trainings for the teachers of  PSSP schools given by PEF to Learning Zone.
    Rizwana Shaheen: She is an experienced lead trainer who holds degrees of M.Sc, & M.Ed. She is conducting workshops for the teachers of Learning Zone for the last 18 years. She is writer of a book that is about low cost educational activities which can be used by teachers as well as parents.
Learning Zone has contacts with the best trainers of province. Time and again, it hires their services at very respectable honorarium. Some of them are;
Mr. Muhammad Yasir - M.Phil, MA-Eng, M.Ed    Mr. Obaid ur Rehman - M.Phil, M.Sc-Chem, M.Ed, MA
Mr. Khalid Mahmood - M.Phil, M.Sc, M.Ed        Ms. Uzma Anwar - M.Phil, MA-Eng, MA-Tefl, M.Ed
Mr. Mukhtar Hussain - M.Phil, M.Sc-Linguist.        Mr. Muhammad Azam - M.Phil, MA-Eng
Mr. Waheed ul Hassan - M.Phil, M.Sc, B.Ed        Mr. Abdul Jabbar - M.Phil, M.Sc Bot, M.Ed


 57 Govt. Primary Schools under the project of PSSP by PEF 

Teachers Training – outreach and in-service trainings, Conducted trainings for PEF for 9 years

Conducted Interviews of stakeholders of an Educational Project of local Govt and got them on air from local FM radio Buraq.

 Up-gradation of  school of model town society, Ugoki, Sialkot

Training Project of Little Angels School, Sialkot

Training Project of 3 Sudhar's adopted schools

Selection of Best Books for Pre-Primary Students after in depth research for students belonging to Rich, Middle and Lower Class. 


LZ has initiated various programs for promotion of quality education. Keeping in view the scale of the programs & future improvements in the systems, LZ has established its monitoring unit in order to monitor the various operational, financial and administrative activities. Monitoring unit has been assigned the task of monitoring the operations of school education, school development, teacher training, head teachers training and PSSP program. 


M&E unit is headed by a Director (M&E). Monitoring unit comprises of experienced team having expertise in monitoring and evaluations techniques. The unit is responsible to prepare periodic monitoring reports of various educational initiatives. The monitoring reports are shared with the operational teams in order to bring improvements in the systems. The monitoring team is also consisted of experienced teachers who are/were associated with their jobs for a significant time period.  The monitoring unit conducts surprise visits to the schools and venues of the training workshops to assess the actual proceedings and processes.

Learning Zone has developed corporate strategy for the development of M&E plans for the various development projects together with the Project and M&E staff. The unit provides inputs and facilitates to design, conduct and consolidate situation analysis. The monitoring team conducts reviews and checks the consistency of targets and project achievements. The team prepares progress reports in collaboration with the project staff on monthly basis. The monitoring team conducts M&E activities keeping in view SOPs, checklists, work plans. 


The monitoring unit prepares and updates progress report about the various initiatives and other relevant information and M&E reports. The monitoring team is also responsible for different analysis i.e. trend analysis, comparative analysis, quantitative & qualitative analysis periodically for submission to BOD. The monitoring unit also involved in the process of conduction of surveys (both internal and external); baseline surveys, Need Assessment, Project Evaluation, etc. 


Learning Zone has developed a very comprehensive evaluation system to keep up and to improve its quality of work. For this purpose LZ has engages the services of the external resource persons to monitor and evaluate the progress of the LZ's programs.