Learning Zone


Through this program, Govt. has planned to hand over the management of the public schools to the education system in the country is divided into two major types of schools i.e. Private and Public  Schools. The Private schools are then classified in to three major categories i.e. private schools that cater the low income groups, private schools cater middle class, and private schools system caters the most affluent class. The public schools are here to cater the poor segment of the society. Therefore large gap exists between the educational levels of rich and the masses.  


The major number of the children getting education is in the Public schools. Unfortunately these public schools are not performing well even Govt. is spending a heavy funding to maintain public school system. These public schools are even better in infrastructure. The need of the time is to better utilize the existing public schools with the increase in enrollment and improving the quality of education. To achieve the sustainable level of education, Govt. schools should be improved and managed  properly. These public schools are lacking behind in promoting quality education due to dearth of accountability of the education managers. In order to address this issue, PEF has introduced Public School Support Program through Public Private Partnership. 


LZ has performed the following tasks in order to manage these schools more efficiently:


⮚To conduct a situational analysis of these schools to identify the existing gaps. 

⮚ Provision of teachers for missing classes keeping in view the principle “One Teacher for One Class”.

⮚To provide reasonable infrastructure in the school i.e. provision of furniture for every child

⮚ to build new class rooms in order to cater more enrollment of out of school children. 

⮚ Capacity building of the teachers of public schools

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